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Find your purpose

When I was little I loved to research a topic and create a presentation.

Sometimes it was a sermon or a Sunday school lesson.

Other times it was art, poetry, or a dance.

In my lifetime I have been a missionary, pre-career program leader, daycare teacher, social worker, and middle school mentor among other things.

My favorite things to do for fun are complete puzzles, read, debate, music, and coloring.

In life I have worked though hurts, hang-ups, and habits. I am in awe of anyone who has battled their own demons and still have faith, hope, love or joy.

Recently, while I was teaching a Mental Health First Aid course someone said to me "This is your true purpose!" What is our true purpose? I believe it is to love and be loved.

Teaching is naturally my passion and one way I show my love. It is also a skill I have been developing since I was little. Today, I love teaching others about healing from emotional wounds and life's hurts. Every part of my journey is being woven together.

Your life is also being woven together.

Lightbulb Moment! The joy of living your purpose is contagious.

Step 1: Take one of our courses related to your purpose

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