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Self-Care is not selfish

I often look to the first

9 months in the womb

as an indicator of what

the human life should

consist of.

My favorite thing to

point out is that the

first 9 months of our

existence in this

world we were

intimately connected

to another person.

From that I gather,

that we require

deep, intimate,

connection with at

least 1 other person.

Early on we come

to recognize the voices

of those outside the

womb and find

comfort in them.

What else happens

in that time period?

We are fed as needed.

We move as needed.

We learn and grow.

Then a change occurs

that ushers us into

the next phase of life.

Abraham Maslow the

American Psychologist

describes it this way.

Start at the bottom

(1) Physiological, (2) Safety,

(3) Belonging, (4) Esteem,

and then (5) Actualization.

These are your NEEDs.

They are the same things

you needed in the womb.

and the first year after your


and right NOW in your life.

It is time for a personal inventory.

  • Have you eaten?

  • Do you feel safe at home?

  • Who do you trust? anyone?

  • What are you good at?

  • What gives you purpose?

Self-Care isn't selfish.

Self-Care is the right

thing to do.

Without self-care

we fill up with

anger, bitterness,


fear, and poor

mental and physical


So, take are of

yourself and


What if you take

care of others

instead of yourself?

You flip Maslow's

pyramid upside down.

It will only last for

a time before it

topples over.

Self-Care isn't selfish.

Self-Care is the right

thing to do.

Side Note:

Self-care is not the

same as pampering

yourself. Self-care

is meeting your

basic needs.

Lightbulb Moment! I will take time for myself every day.

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