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Founded in 2022, Lightbulb Moments LLC is an innovative approach to coaching and personal development. 

Everyone wants to live a happy life, but few people know the way.

Each of our courses, assessments, and tools is designed to illuminate the way so that anyone can experience a break-through!

We have proof that the better you understand yourself the easier it will be to create the thoughts, feelings and actions necessary for YOUR break-through to a better life.

Meet Sarah Brown, BSW

Entrepreneur, Certified Trainer,

Trauma Survivor and Life Coach

I am the founder of Lightbulb Moments LLC. I have over 15 years of experience training children, youth, and adults. This content is not just something I learned in a book, it is something I live every day. I am a trauma survivor, and today I can confidently say, I am Thriving!

Where are you in the process of personal growth?

I see no way of moving forward from what has happened to me.

I do what I have to do to just get through the day

I am learning how to live a more complete life

I have made peace with myself and continue to write my story

I am fully confident in myself and I use my story to empower others

Move toward THRIVING with a personal coach!

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Shining Bright

picture of female customer

 "Lightbulb Moments provides such a safe atmosphere within the content. I cannot wait to move forward with the course and discover my own story."



picture of female customer

“These courses help you put the negative stuff in your life in perspective. You learn how to deal with it, and how to THRIVE!”



Picture of femail customer

"I really enjoyed the personalized experience. The prompts helped me dig deeper into myself."



Testimonials from our friends...
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