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Make it make sense

What are you struggling

with right now?

What obstacle is

standing in your way?

Are you sad?



Have you ever felt

that way?

It is likely,

you will feel that way

sometime in the



Because you are human.

As a human you can

remember the past,

plan for the future,

but you can only

live in the present.

Life is up close and

personal 24/7 and

it can be hard to get


It is time to sit down

with the

  1. Struggle

  2. Obstacle

  3. Feeling

and NAME it.

Literally give it a name.

(Walter, Kim, Sticky whatever...)

If it were a creature,

what would it look like?

How tall or fat would

it be, would it be covered

with hair or bald, does it

talk your language or

simply grunt, does it

smell like anything,

You decide everything.

Now say to the fat, bald,

mumbling, ball of trauma

...or however you describe


You are Not the boss of me!

And remember,

every obstacle is also

an opportunity to pause

and reflect.

Every struggle is

an opportunity to

learn a skill or

increase strength.

Every feeling is

beneficial and

an opportunity

to build trust.

Every trauma


reveals a boundary.

So, pause and

get perspective.

Ask for help.

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