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Do hard things

Sometimes you have to

choose to walk away.

Sometimes you have to

stand firm.

Do you know when?

A few years ago,

teachers in a city near me

we're banding together

to fight a recent school

board decision.

Their jobs were on the line

and I had questions.

When is something worth

fighting for?

losing your job for?

dying for?

The answer I received from

a trusted friend

who is also

a teacher

was that

you will know.

When you cannot imagine

living with things the way

they are, you will know

it is time to act.

So, what is something

that is weighing on

you right now?

Are you ready to take

the next step?

What is the worst thing

that could happen if

nothing changes?

What is the greatest

thing that could happen

if you take action?

I encourage you to

stand up for yourself

right now

and take the next step.

The next step is likely

small and yet hard.

But I promise,

you can

do hard things.

I guarantee that

you are worth

every bit of it.

Send me an email

and let me know

two things,

  1. What is weighing on you?

  2. What can you do about it?

Let's take the next step together!

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