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Reading is fundamental

So what are you reading these days?

Are you reading books, audio books,

the signs of the times?

Maybe you are

reading the room

or that new person.

The ability to read is

a learnable skill and

a lifelong pursuit.

Reading uses both

parts of your brain.

Both the visual

and logical parts.

When you read,

you are connected to

something bigger

than yourself.

And you are going

to a place of


I recommend including

a few good books in

your reading list.

Codependent no more

by Melody Beattie


by Henry Cloud

The body keeps the score

by Van Der Kolk

Man's search for meaning

by Victor Frankl

7 habits of highly effective people

by Stephen Covey

What happened to you

by Bruce Perry and Oprah

The 5 love languages

by Gary Chapman

Healing is possible

by me, Sarah Brown

(Go to the Home page to Purchase)

Imagine bringing the

most fun people together

for a day.

Imagine spending time

with the greatest mental

health providers.

Lightbulb Moment! Reading is fundamental!

Next Step: Pick one book from the list, google it, and get it

(physical copy, audio version, pdf, Library, or YouTube)

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