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Looking back to move forward

Do you ever feel stuck?

Maybe hopeless,

or like a failure.

If you are still breathing

and reading this post,


feelings aren't


It may be the perfect

time to stop and


What is something

you prayed for

or hoped for,

that you now


Where were you

or what were you

focused on a year


It never ceases to

amaze me when I

think about where

I have been and

where I am now.

I have learned some

things and done

some things and

gained some

things and I am

grateful for where

I am today.

Think back to

a grade in school

or a difficult job.

You felt like it would

never end and you

wanted to give up,


you didn't.

Now it is a distant

memory and no

longer the huge

obstacle that you

thought would

crush you.

With that in mind,

imagine what you

could do, have or

become in the next

3, 6, or 12 months.

It doesn't have to be

logical, practical,

or realistic.

It does have to align

with your values and

be meaningful to you.

Visualize what it would

feel like

look like

smell like

taste like

sound like

enjoy the moment.

Now don't give up.

Keep going.

Make a note of what

life is like now,


one day soon, you

will look back and

be amazed at

how much you have

done, gained, and


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