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Catch Yourself

Knowing your signs and symptoms will

change your life.

Signs are what others can see

when you are struggling.

Symptoms are what you are

feeling on the inside when you

are struggling.

When you can recognize

your own signs and symptoms

before you reach a crisis point

you will have a better life.

Early looks like feeling tired.

Worsening looks like difficulty

falling asleep.

Crisis looks like not sleeping

or sleeping all the time.

I will admit that everyone is

different. So take some

time to think about the last

time you were struggling.

Write down what you were



doing alot of, and

not doing anymore.

Reflect on how you got to

that point.

What thoughts, feelings,

experiences came before.

What people, places, and

things are around when you

have those thoughts, feelings,

and actions.

Now you are building an

awareness of your triggers,

signs, and symptoms.

Share this list with someone

you trust and ask for their


As you build this list and

it becomes a part of your

self-awareness, you will

be able to use coping

skills more effectively.

Lightbulb Moment! Knowing your signs and symptoms is a

Next Step: Take our course "Owning your story" to increase your self-awareness.

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