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Celebrate Now

Do you know the difference

between past, present, and


We own the present.

The past and the future

are where we borrow


In depression we borrow

regret from the past.

In anxiety we borrow

worry and fear from the


In the present we find


gratitude, and the

ability to take


To build motivation,

I remind myself that

I will not regret

taking action right now.

It can be hard to prepare

for work tomorrow in

advance, but I will

thank myself tomorrow.

I could wait to have that difficult

conversation, but I risk

losing my ability to do so

in a calm adult manner.

Tomorow will likely

increase the list of wrongs

to an unbearable level.

As kids we always talked

about "when I am this age"

or "when I grow up"

and missed what we were

able to do right then.

Take hold of your


the POWER of

right now.

Right now,

you are good enough

Right now,

you can

Right now,

is all you ever

really have.

There is no gift like


Take a regret

discover what you

could have done

differently and

do something like that


Take a dream

discover what the

first step has to be

and do that NOW.

Lightbulb Moment! My greatest accomplishment is what I am doing right now.

Done is more achievable than perfect!

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