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Community Rising

You have likely heard of

  • fundraising

  • raising the bar

  • raising children

  • up-raising

  • getting a raise

  • maybe even barn-raising

but have you heard of Community Raising?

I obtained the following definitions and synonyms

from Merriam-Webster

Lifting: to move from a lower position to a higher one.

Fostering: to bring to maturity through care and education.

As we grow into the fullness of our gifts and abilities

it is important that we do not disengage from our purpose.

Your growth will help others grow.

Your growth will empower you to make a lasting impact.

For me, this is a year of preparation,

because my community will soon experience

a season of growth, and leaders will be needed.

Some will lead from behind, others from within,

and a few from the front.

John Maxwell, a famous leadership coach and author

is known for saying, "leadership is influence."

Do you want to be a positive influence?

Use your words to raise the self-esteem of others.

Use your skills to guide others towards maturity.

Join me and become a Community Raiser!

Lightbulb Moment! We are leaders and influencers

whether we recognize it or not.

Next Step: Take our online survey "Shine the light on your unique purpose

to become more aware of your style of influence.

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