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Created for Connection

From the moment you came to exist in the world

you were intimately connected to another human.

From that connection your basic needs were met.

Food, Clothing, Shelter, Safety...

But what if no one held you tight?

smiled at you?

connected with you emotionally?

You could have failed to Thrive

and physically died.

As we grow, we find more connections.

We find more family members, we find friends,

classmates, co-workers, neighbors, dates,

chosen family members, and the list goes on.

When we are down we feel alone.

We feel like no one cares.

Like our life doesn't matter.


We are most alive when we belong.

When we feel cared for.

When we make a difference in the life

of others.

and it doesn't cost any money.

and you only need 1 connection.

Message or text someone in your contacts.

Sit with someone at lunch.

Ask your co-worker about their favorite season.

Wave at your neighbor.

Ask someone you trust for a hug.

Begin today!

I love you. I care about you. You matter to me.

If you a struggling call the crisis prevention lifeline 988

It is free to talk and you can also text them.

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