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Good Grief

Science still can't tell us why we cry.

But there is no mistaking that shedding tears is a human thing to do.

We cry in sadness, happiness, fear, embarrassment, anger,

basically, every emotion can result in an overflow of tears.

We may not know why we cry, but we do know that crying helps us cope.

A good cry serves as a release valve.

Letting out an overflow of emotions so that we can process it.

When we experience loss, tears seem to come and go.

losing a loved one is an experience that touches every part of our being.

All of our emotions (those listed above and others) come to the surface.

This is the price we pay for our love, and love is eternal.

This is grief.

Grief can be very painful at times,

but it also keeps the one we lost close to our hearts.

In grief we can also create something good, and the essence of our loved one

continues on in the world.

Lightbulb Moment! Good grief keeps the love alive.

Step one: Love them while they are here

Step 2: Love for them after they are gone

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