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I am a light.

I once asked my friend, "How can one person change the world?" She responded, "Set yourself on fire and the world will take notice." She wasn't being morbid nor fatalistic. She was letting my know that the only thing we can control is ourselves, and the only person you can change is you.

Stop making more lists that will be misplaced or forgotten in a little bit. Start. Start today. Start now. Doing. Stop questioning why you exist, and just know that you do exist.

Choose to exist for good, for love, for compassion, for joy, for connection, for laughter....

You choose.

Today I exist to get something done that makes my heart happy, and my little light shine. Please join me. Darkness cannot overcome darkness only light can do that. "Hate can't drive out hate only love can do that". [MLK]

Lightulb Moment! I matter, and I can either think about doing good or actually do good.

Step 1: Take our course "Shine the light on your unique purpose" and be inspired by what you were created to do in the world.

Here's the link:

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