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I am important, my voice matters.

Let me be completely honest. I struggle every day.

Every day the struggle is not the same, but I continue to be a work in progress. Can you relate?

A common struggle I have is speaking up for myself. Telling people exactly how I feel. Holding my boundary when I feel disrespected. Addressing conflict head-on.

Maybe you can't relate, but if you can...

Take a deep breath and say "I am important, my voice matters. Period.

Imagine if your 6-year-old-self asked you,

"Should I tell them how their actions affected me? "

"Is it ok for the people in charge to disrespect me?"

"If I ignore the problem, will it just go away?"

That little person needs you today.

So, take a deep breath and say, "I am important, my voice matters".

It may be struggle, but struggle leads to growth.

Lightbulb Moment! Old fears impact today's actions, but it never too late to change.

Step 1: Give yourself now what you needed from the adults in your life as a kid.

Step 2: Take the course "Trust necessary for personal growth" and find your voice.

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