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I love a good garden!

What about you?

Maybe you are a Master Gardener,

Maybe you wouldn't know where to begin,

Maybe you are somewhere in between like me.

It doesn't matter.

We are all tending the garden of our own self.

Step 1 Consider an undeveloped area.

(Right now, I am looking at my relationship with my family)

Step 2 Remove all hinderances.

(For me that could be unforgiveness, assumptions, or fear)

Step 3 Plant good seeds, and know what they need to grow.

(I could plant humility, truth, and hope with my words, for example)

Step 4 Tend to what grows (water it, remove weeds, watch for pests)

(I will nurture the relationships that grow)

Step 5 Collect what is produced.

(I hope to see good mental and physical health result from my efforts)

Lightbulb Moment! I am responsible for what grows in my garden.

Next Step: Do you need tools for growing a healthy life?

Take our online courses Trust, Autonomy, Initiative, Industry, Identity, Intimacy, Generativity, and Ego Integrity, only $19.99 each.

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