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Is contentment good?

It can be tempting to watch what others are doing and try to copy them...especially if they are having the type of success you want. This has always been a trap for me. In middle school, I would stand near the group of kids who were laughing. Without warning the group would make some decision and either change locations or disperse. I was never in on the unspoken code, so I was always let standing alone and confused.

Eventually I grew tired of following and decided to go where I wanted to even if I was doing it alone. To me amusement, occasionally the group would follow me.

As an adult I don't want to repeat past mistakes. So, I have been consciously working to forge my own path using what I have learned by experience and training. Sometimes I feel FOMO (fear of missing out) deeply. I am glad the satisfaction of being true to myself remains no matter what.

So to answer the question, Is contentment good?

Yes, when it always us to move forward on our own path.

Lightbulb Moment! Old habits die hard, so we must starve them.

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