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Mud Season

Updated: Mar 9

I made a couple of friends

the other day at a meet the

author book signing for my

book with a new title:

"Healing is possible".

While we talked, the statement

was made that WV has 5

seasons instead of 4,

and the 5th season is

Mud Season.

What this means is,

after the beautiful snow of

Christmas or New Year's Day

melts, West Virginians

trudge through mud until

Spring arrives to dry it all up.

So what does this have to do

with personal growth?

A lot!

Let me know if you can relate

to this...

As I began to understand my value

and set boundaries it was beautiful,

but then I had to let some people

go because they would not respect

my boundaries. (mud season)

I finally broke free of that destructive

relationship and I am in a safe place,

but now I need to acknowledge my

part in creating the dysfunction.

(mud season)

I forgave the people that hurt me

and let go of my right to get even.

I feel so much freedom and clarity.

but revenge was my closest friend

and now I feel empty. (mud season)

Mud Season is those times in your

life right after a breakthrough or

after getting closure, when you

realize that personal growth is a

lifestyle not a destination.

Sometimes there will be new battles

to fight. Other times there will be

a deeper level of healing to receive.

Just know that it is all a part of the

process and you are not alone.

You are not a failure and

it will always be worth the struggle.

Because you are worth it all!

Lightbulb Moment! Personal growth is a lifestyle with seasons of:

Winter: Rest

Spring: Growth

Summer: Fun

Fall: Release

Mud: Difficulty

Next Step: Take our FREE course Unplugged: For

Victims who want to survive and embrace the lifestyle of personal growth.

FYI: West Virginia is a state separate from Virginia.

West Virginia was established by legislative action

on June 20, 1863.

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