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Updated: Apr 30, 2023

I am a March baby. You know what march weather is like on the East coast of the United States. Hats and gloves one day and shorts the next. At the beginning of the month trees are heavy with snow, and by the end of the month those same trees are pink with blossoms. March is a transition month between Winter and Spring.

We also go through seasons in life. I have had my share of winters. Seasons of abuse, neglect, trauma, loss, rejection, abandonment. I am a child of generational trauma and historical trauma. Sometimes Winter seems to last forever, and the hope of Spring can fade.

As a result, I have learned not to wait for Spring. Instead, I have chosen to find life and beauty in the midst of Winter. I have noticed that there are things I can see in Winter that aren't visible in Spring.

In the midst of abuse and neglect I found my voice through poetry. In the midst of trauma and loss I developed character. In the midst of rejection and abandonment met some of the most beautiful people.

Whatever season you are in today, you are beautiful, you are capable, and you are worthy of good things!

Lightbulb Moment! What you think about what you are going through is very important.

Next Step: Check back weekly to read this blog and join me in a journey of growth.

A cherry blossom tree in spring

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