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Tell your story

Dark deeds spoken in the light,

will feel a million times better

than keeping them in the dark.

If the words of what happened

to you can fit in your mouth,

then you are bigger than them.

Speech is a deliberate act. You

regain your power by speaking

your story.

First, speak your story to yourself.

Quietly acknowledge what has

happened to you.

Second, speak your story to

those you can trust. Accept

their love and comfort.

Thirdly, speak your story to

others in need of hope.

Your story is a gift to them.

Fourth, speak your story to

those in power. Let your

story inform them, that

every decision has


You are more than your

story, and your story is

still being written with

each and every breath

you take.

Walk in power.

There is no shame in

who you have been.

Lightbulb Moment! Silence is a weapon used against the power of my story.

Next Step: Learn how to Own your story by completing our course with this same name.

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