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The 5 benefits of anger

Everybody gets angry sometimes.

There is nothing wrong with that.

Anger has 5 benefits.

  1. Creates a pause

  2. Reveals injustice

  3. Encourages communication

  4. Builds stronger relationships

  5. Promotes self-care

I know that I am angry when I feel

prickly all over, I keep going over

the situation in my head, I struggle

to concentrate, and I want to quit.

Anger may show up different for

you, but take a moment and

reflect. What are the early signs

that anger is building inside of you.

Remember that anger never shows up

alone. Anger is a surface emotion. That

means other emotions are underneath.

For example, frustration, rejection, and

feeling vulnerable.

Anger is also a protective emotion. It

shows up when we are afraid of losing

one or more of our core needs, which

are food, shelter, safety, belonging,

self-esteem, and control.

Assuming you are not in a dangerous

or abusive situation it is often

necessary to have a conversation

with all the responsible parties to

create a solution.

Such a conversation might go

something like this.

I feel ____________

because ___________.

When ____________ happens,

what I need is _____________.

What do you think?

One thing I can agree with is _________.

What can we do differently

going forward?

I am willing to ______

if you are willing to


How the other parties respond will

tell you a lot about whether the

relationship is healthy or not.

Sometimes the conversation is better

accomplished with another person

helping, such as a counselor,

mediator or faith leader.

Either way, once the conversation ends

take some time to rest, relax, and refocus.

Celebrate small and big wins!

A. Acknowledging your feelings

B. Speaking up for yourself

C. Working for a solution

D. Learning what you want in life

I recognize that a history or trauma,

neglect or abuse can make this

process a bit more challenging.

Take small steps at first.

Start by pausing when you feel angry,

and talking with a trusted friend about it.

Lightbulb Moment! Anger can be used

for good if you know how to do it.

Going Forward:

Make a list of what leads

to anger in your life and send it to us at

so we can continue the conversation!

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