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The last thing to grow...

I recently read a post on social media that said, "the last thing to grow on a fruit tree is the fruit". I immediately began visualizing the trees on my property and felt a rush of inspiration.

I thought to myself, "it's true!"

I instantly saw the parallel to my life.

All the work I did on myself, including counseling, crying, and confusion was worth it.

Look at the fruit I am harvesting now.

Suddenly faces of kids I had mentored came to mind.

Many of them are now parents, college graduates, and happy.

Worth every hour of time invested.

While I am not where I want to be in life, my patience has been renewed.

Fruit takes time. But what a sweet reward the awaits.

(Don't forget fruit bears seeds that continue to reproduce long after the fruit is gone)

Lightbulb Moments! Enjoy the process.

Step 1: Check back with this blog as we continue to celebrate the process.

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