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The wonders of nature

I spend the day outside. The air was a little chilly,

and I wore a jacket, but it was wonderful.

It is one thing to drive through nature.

It is another thing to walk through nature.

(tbh this is true when observing anything including people)

I observed animals, clouds, plants and trees.

The feel of the air, grass under my feet, watching

birds landing on branches, and deer scurry across

the was exhilarating!!

As my pace slowed my heartrate relaxed.

I recognized the sanctuary of nature;

The sacredness of nature;

The healing properties of nature.

If you can, spend some time in nature.

If you can, display aspects of nature in your home.

If you can, take time to smell the roses.

If nothing else,

I you can,

look into a mirror and see yourself as a

beautiful representation of the sanctuary,

sacredness, and healing power of nature.

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