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What is SOCIAL wellness?

Updated: Jan 6

Social Wellness is developing

a sense of connection,


and a

well-developed support system.

Think about it,

for the first 9 months

of your existence in

this world you were

intimately connected

to another human being.

Connection does not have to

mean trauma or abuse.

Belonging does not make

you weak.

It is how we are wired and

an essential human NEED.

How often do you feel,

empty, lonely, or


If your answer is sometimes

or a lot keep reading.

Change is possible.

If your answer is never

keep reading.

Someone you know

needs to hear this.


Fulfilling and loving

relationships are coming

your way.

As long as you are on the

Earth, your existence matters.

There is always someone

who will listen.


Give yourself compassion

and grace.

Take an interest in others by

joining a group or volunteering.

Find out who others trust and

become their friend.


Join our Thriving Facebook

community at

Lightbulb Moments LLC.

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