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You Decide.

You are not a victim.

You decide.

  1. The words you choose to speak

  2. The relationships you maintain or don’t

  3. How you spend your time

  4. Whether you take care of yourself 

  5. Your personal finances

  6. The amount of physical activity you complete within a day

  7. How nice you are to yourself in your head

  8. Affection you give to others

  9. How organized your car is

  10. Your facial expressions

  11. The time you wake up in the morning

  12. Whether you worry about what others are thinking about you

  13. Your body language

  14. What you choose to think about

  15. Whether you complain about things or don’t

  16. 16. How often you check or post on social media

  17. The clothes that you wear and how you feel in them

  18. How you nourish your body

  19. How you believe people perceive you

  20. How many risks you are willing to take

What you believe about yourself matters.

Your thoughts create feelings, which

determine your actions.

We are not ALL powerful,

but we do have power.

When we give our power away,

we make ourselves a victim.

You cannot control what happens

to you. For example, I have no

control over whether or not

it rains. I can however

  1. Prepare for the possibility

  2. Pursue inside activities

  3. Prevent getting wet

When the retreat I was planning

had to be postponed, I had no

control. But I did

  1. Have a backup plan

  2. Ask for help

  3. Accept it and move on

Abuse, Neglect, and Trauma are

not your fault. You did not cause it

and you do not deserve. Period.

In that moment your control was

misplaced. 5, 10, 15, 20 years

later you may think it is too late

for you.

I promise, it is not too late.

*Take your voice back

*Take your body back

*Take your self-love back

*Take your future back

*Take your fill in the blank back

Decide today

I am not a Victim,

I am a Survivor,

Who is Striving to

Overcome and will one day


Lightbulb Moment! Though I fail, I am not a failure and I will fail forward!

Next Step: Connect with a life coach by messaging Lightbulb Moments LLC right now.

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